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At Bayview Orthodontics we believe that orthodontics should be affordable enough to keep you smiling.

As such we have set our fees so that they are below the State and National averages for all aspects of orthodontic treatment including braces, plates and Invisalign.
Source Australian Society of Orthodontists Fee survey 2015.

We also offer no deposit interest free payment plans over 18 months and significant discounts for upfront payments or if you're a family member of one of our patients!

We pride ourselves on openness and transparency with our fees and as such are able to publish the fees for our most common treatments below.


Our fees are all-inclusive of placement of braces, adjustments and removal of braces so there are no hidden surprises. We do not charge extra for difficult cases, breakages, the use of orthodontic auxiliaries (eg. forsus springs) or surgical cases. All our fees include a retention plan of 2 years after your active treatment is complete. We even make you a spare set of retainers.

Item Code                      Description                                               Upfront Fee                         Payment plan

831 x 2                            Full upper and lower braces                         $6430                                   $6750

829                                  Partial Braces                                               $2500                                   $2650

831                                  Single Arch Braces                                       $4875                                   $5350

Ceramic (tooth coloured) braces extra cost of $600


All fees include the fabrication of plate and all adjustments. Loss or breakage of plate will in some instances incur a repair/replacement fee.

Item Code                       Description                                               Upfront Fee                        Payment plan

843                                   Rapid maxillary expander                             $1170                                   $1270

821                                   Upper/Lower removable appliance               $1190                                   $1095

823                                   Functional appliance (Twin block/Bionator)  $1500                                   $1620



Item Code                         Description                                             Upfront Fee                           Payment plan

825                                     Invisalign Lite (single arch)                         $3200                                     $3500                                  

825 x 2                               Invisalign Lite (full arch)                             $5500                                     $6000                                    

825 x 2                               Invisalign Full                                             $7500                                     $7900

825 x 2                               Invisalign Teen                                           $7500                                     $7900