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An orthodontic removable appliance is a small plate worn to correct early dental problems. They are commonly used for the correction of bite problems such as an overbite, single tooth problems or jaw expansion. The plate may be coloured, have sparkles or may have a picture placed within the plastic.

PlatesAt Impression Orthodontics, we will inspect the plate regularly and will adjust the plastic or wires. The patient is given strict instructions on when to wear the appliance, and when it may be removed.

Commonly you will be told to remove the plate for certain activities such as eating and cleaning.

When you take the plate out, store it in it's protective box to avoid loss or damage. Do not play with your plate by clicking it in and out with your tongue as this will make it loose. Do not alter the number of hours that you wear your plate without the permission of your Orthodontist, as you will often find that it doesn't fit properly, and you will need to have a new one made.

When you first get your plate you will find that it takes a while to get used to. Most problems usually resolve within the first 24-48 hours as you get used to wearing the plate. Commonly you may experience some discomfort and possibly some looseness of the teeth. Do not panic, and try to live through this time wearing the plate as much as possible. You will become accustomed to it! Your Orthodontist may tell you to wear the plate just at night in the beginning, until you are more used to it. Speech will be affected at first, but will quickly return to normal. An increase in your saliva flow will occur at first also.

You are responsible for wearing the plate as prescribed. Your treatment will only be successful if you adhere to your instructions. Remember that your Orthodontist has spent eight years of University training, and treated thousands of patients, and will know if you have bent the rules!

It is important that you do not use the front wire to remove your plate, as this will distort it. Take out your plate by using the wires at the back. Clean your plate at least twice a day with toothpaste and toothbrush.

If you loose or damage your plate please do not hesitate to call us. However, a charge may apply for repair or replacement, so keep it in your mouth, or in the case we supply you with!